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Pulp & Paper

Pulp & Paper

With over 25 years in the paper industry, we know what is on our customer´s mind. And knowing today´s paper maker´s demand we realize that product quality and availability of paper machines take top priority. Our expertise, wide product range and absolute precision lay the best possible groundwork for meeting your stringend product and operational requirements. But we don´t stop there. It´s only by putting the Focus squarely on the customer and providing reliable, well-thought-through service  that we can match every solution to your needs. We place the greatest importance on quality, flexibility, the power of innovation and an expectional cost/benefit ratio.


Range of products and services:

Roll covers:

  • Rubber covers- natural and synthetic rubber

  • Composite covers – fiber-reinforced materials

  • Polyurethane covers – rotational and vertical

  • Metal and chrome covers


Complete rolls:

  • Functional and guide rolls

  • Replacement parts


Roll services:

  • Mechanical overhaul of roll cores and covers

  • Monitoring and maintenance of mounted and attached parts

  • On-site cover repair Service

  • Logistics and transportation management


Application engineering:

  • Calculation and validation of machine and product-related cover designs

  • Thermographic Analysis and electronic nip measurement


On-site cylinder and roll grinding:

  • Grinding and polishing of cylinders and rolls

  • Coating of cylinders and rolls

  • Analysis and diagnostic

  • Measuring and balancing


Doctor blades and holders:

  • Scraper blades

  • Coater blades

  • Creping blades

  • Holder systems

  • Accessories and services


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