Our offer in metallurgy:

1. Solutions for roll grinders in the steel industry:

Inkla offers complex solutions for roll-grinding plants in the steel industry.

The company has realised numerous large-scale projects in the supply and modernisation of roll grinders. Working in the metallurgy sector, Inkla Trading & Engineering GmbH has had experience in upgrading the machinery of a machine tool plant in Kharkov as well as other enterprises.

Thanks to our innovative solutions and individualised approach to each customer, we are in a position to extend the operational cycle of a machine and to improve quality in the treatment of rolls. Our capabilities in the upgrading of roll grinders comprise the following services: Replacement of worn parts, upgrading and maintenance of protective greasing and coating systems, maintenance of all mechanical parts, treatment of Z/X linear axes through scraping and milling, repairing mechanical elements, upgrading CNC systems and other electrical system components.


  • Upgrading and repairing of existing machinery
  • Provision of new roll grinders
  • Provision of spare parts
  • Provision of customised high-tech CBN grinding wheels, motor spindles and measurement systems
  • Technical and remote maintenance, preventative maintenance, Training

2. Forged products:

Our company provides proven, high-quality and innovative products while also upholding traditions in stamping, yet enriching these traditions through contemporary technical innovations. Thanks to open-die forging using presses with capabilities between 35 and 90 MN as well as heavy-duty robots, we can handle ingots of up to 200 tonnes in weight.

Basic hot rolling technology is used for the creation of shells up to 9,500 mm in diameter and up to 5,000 mm in height for items weighing up to 220 tonnes. We can supply hot strip mills with large and heavy rings as well as products made in a globally unique press which can develop forces of up to 100,000 tonnes, thus permitting the creation of connecting pipes for products, using the extrusion method.

Our production facilities are equipped with a dozen large lathes, capable of handling parts up to 8,000 mm in diameter and 4,500 mm in height.

We have ISO certification and can warrant strict compliance with international standards in the provision of high-quality products.

To reduce the oxygen content of alloys, our production facilities are equipped with machinery for melting in a vacuum and for electroslag remelting.

The types of steel that mostly undergo forging are carbon steel, low, medium and high alloy steel, stainless steel, duplex and super-duplex steel. Titanium forging is also included in our industrial product range.

3. Repairs and restoration of equipment:

Our specialists carry out engineering, repairs and restoration of equipment. We apply mobile methods in our repairs and restoration work on heavy equipment. Using unique and special precision tools, we restore worn working surfaces on large equipment without the need for dismantling. This includes both work and support surfaces of rolls, housings of bearings on sliding surfaces, threaded holes as well as repairing burst support elements of equipment, etc. In this way, we enable a customer to restore the working capacity of expensive equipment within the shortest possible time while significantly reducing any unplanned expenses.

We offer a wide range of technical services:

  • Technical Audits
  • Diagnosis and troubleshooting of equipment
  • Repair welding and restorative surfacing
  • Mechanical treatment of surfaces, using mobile metalworking machines
  • Redesign of non-standard equipment and mechanisms
  • Production of complex and non-standard parts and Equipment

We have unique metalworking machinery and equipment, much of which has been specially designed for use at industrial facilities in post-Soviet countries. In our development of equipment we therefore look at the actual technical situation of the equipment requiring repairs and also the specifics and practicalities of operation, organisation and implementation of the repair work in post-Soviet countries. The availability of a series of mobile metalworking machines allows us to conduct a variety of operations: drilling holes, lathing of shaft necks, milling of flat surfaces with different profiles, work on metric and large threads, work on cogs and keyways, drilling and preparation of holes (including deep ones), work on spherical exterior and interior surfaces. Furthermore, we have accumulated a significant amount of practical experience in conducting complex and highly responsible work, repairing and restoring the surfaces of cast-iron parts, various types of steel and non-ferrous metals, while maintaining the requirements of the manufacturers’ technical documentation, both in terms of tolerances and fits and also surface roughness.

4. Metal-cutting equipment:

For 10 years now our company has been a well established and reliable partner in the provision of metal-cutting equipment. We supply SCONE metal-cutting tools for the longitudinal cutting of metal, chopping tools and also cutting tools for hot and cold cutting purposes.

The high standard of our cutting tools has been confirmed in the form of ISO certification as well as through industrial-scale testing at metalworking enterprises. By using high-quality, patented and branded materials, we can achieve economic effects due to a high level of resistance, which impacts the overall tonnage of the cut metal, and also longer periods between re-sharpening operations.

5. Hydraulic and pneumatic cylinders:

Our specialists and engineers have the required technical expertise and basis for the design, manufacture and assembly of hydraulic cylinders, hydraulic systems and pneumatic cylinders. Our single-action and double-action cylinders have the following characteristics:

  • Piston diameter in a range between 40 and 800 mm
  • Piston stroke length up to 6,000 mm
  • Pressure up to 40 bar
6. Sealing materials:

The sealing materials supplied by our company are globally unparalleled. Over the course of its long history, Inkla Trading & Engineering GmbH has supplied a large number of high-quality sealing materials. The appropriate seals are selected by our specialists to suit each customer’s requirements. Many sealing solutions that have been created by our specialists at Inkla, are now manufactured in series for use by metalworking enterprises in post-Soviet countries and also at nuclear power stations where it is extremely important to ensure uninterrupted and reliable Operation.

We supply mechanical seals for pumps, loosening devices, mixers and other rotating equipment. Gland packing seals, gaskets and dynamic-load washers for pumps, valves, flanges and other equipment engaged in rotational and reciprocating motion.

In addition, we also have references for the supply of equipment such as hydraulic nuts.

7. Rolled products and supporting rolls:

Inkla Trading & Engineering GmbH will satisfy all the needs of corporate customers. To produce rolls, we use a range of application technologies. We apply standard casting, medium and large-scale centrifugal casting as well as horizontal and vertical methods of roll production. Our product line includes work rolls for wide, continuous rolling mills, forged work rolls and support rolls, large support rolls, tapes for large rolls, steel milling balls, mills based on millstones and other types of rolls. Rolls are series-manufactured from a variety of materials, such as high-strength nodular cast iron, steel forgings, high-speed tool steel, high-chromium steel, high-chromium cast iron and also rolls made from Cr3 and Cr5 alloys.

The maximum dimensions of rolls made in a large vertical centrifugal foundry machine are F 1,350 х 4,500 х 9,000, which meets the requirements of working rolls for a rolling mill used for hot and cold rolling purposes. Our company supplies rolls with a high level of wear resistance and high strength.

All our rolls are subject to technical quality control and are ISO-certified. Our rolls fully meet and satisfy our customers’ requirements. We supply completely processed rolls with polished surfaces (Std Ra=0.8µm and, if requested, up to 0.4µm).

Rolls are made with the help of our contemporary CNC machine park.