In period from 29.09 till 07.10.2016 Inkla Trading & Engineering GmbH in cooperation with partners successfully fulfilled maintenance works of converter trunnion of EVRAZ Nizhny Tagil Iron and Steel Works converter shop in a volume of bearing mounting seat recovery.

Maintenance of converter trunnion included broad range of works:

  • pre-machining
  • reconstructive welding
  • heat treatment (on various repair stages)
  • final machining and smooth finish of refinishing surface to required fineness

After repair works bearing manufactured by FAG was assembled on remanufactured mounting seat and control scrolling of converter drive was carried out.

Applied methods of mobile heavy equipment repair and recovery allows to repair and conduct repair works and to reconstruct worn-out working surfaces on-site without its transportation. As the result it allows customer to restore serviceability of expensive equipment within the shortest possible period of time and to cut unbudgeted expenses.